Javascript - Copy or clone javascript array / object

To make an independent copy of an array rather than a copy of the refence to it, you can use the array slice method.

var oldArray = ["mip", "map", "mop"];
var newArray = oldArray.slice();

To copy or clone an object :

function cloneObject(source) {
    for (i in source) {
        if (typeof source[i] == 'source') {
            this[i] = new cloneObject(source[i]);
            this[i] = source[i];
var obj1= {bla:'blabla',foo:'foofoo',etc:'etc'};
var obj2= new cloneObject(obj1);
Instead you can use document.cloneNode() or object.CloneNode()
cloneNode only works for DOM objects, not all JS objects.
See also
I think the last line:

var obj2= new cloneObject(obj2);

should be

var obj2= new cloneObject(obj1);
Typo. thanks for that.
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